This is what one of our learners told us:

The AET has enabled me to structure and plan my sessions, I have assessed my teaching techniques and adopted all of the course recommendations and direction. Prior to attending the course I thought I was a good teacher – with your help and guidance I have improved beyond that. Your course and the delivery of it really was first class.

Andrew Barnes, Tamworth

How do we work with you?

If you know what you need choose your course/qualification and click on the Apply Now button – or email for an application form. If you are unsure about what you need to do then please give us a call or drop us an email – we can discuss what it is you want to do and help you choose the right course for you.

Our courses are designed to be delivered as a combination of classroom based and independent research to obtain the qualification in the most efficient and effective manner. Learners on our programmes represent a varied group of people from a variety of backgrounds who offer a great deal of diversity and can help support discussions related to all areas of the learning and teaching cycle.

We believe in creating a positive environment where learners consistently manage and encourage positive behaviour both within and outside the workshop environment.

We achieve this by having consistent tutors and observers who positively encourage learners to respect themselves and others in a secure, challenging, stimulating and positive environment with clear boundaries and expectations. Jade Solutions (UK) allows learners to flourish and enjoy developing, learning and making a positive contribution.

We offer a unique IAG (Information, Advice & Guidance) and mentoring service to all learners who attend our courses. This is free of charge. After this course, you will want to put into practice what you have learned. You will have ideas to talk over and questions to get answered. This is why we provide a free IAG and mentoring service for up to 3 months from the last date of your course.

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some more of our learners say about us:

If I am honest, my opinion at the beginning of the [CET]course was that I felt I couldn’t gain anything just from holding a qualification…now I see previously I had merely been coasting in the way I taught.  Thanks to the training towards this qualification I have been provided with a whole new avenue of options to explore.  This added knowledge has definitely improved my experience as a trainer and in turn has benefitted [my] learners because I feel more attentive / receptive towards their needs. Learner completed June 2017, Derbyshire


While I feel that I always had good learning skills, the challenges of the DET programme have led me to develop as an expert learner, forcing me to take charge of my own learning and to reflect upon my own current practice. I am very happy to have built these skills and know that they will continue to serve me well… I also feel that my overall teaching style has improved dramatically. Since using a wider variety of resources when teaching tutors, I have noticed a positive impact on my delivery and found that these sessions flow better and feel better for both myself and the learners. I have been encouraged to step out of my comfort zone when teaching and feel that I have responded well to this… The theories that I have learnt have influenced the feedback that I give to tutors and the session plans that I design for our GCSE cohort… This impacts hundreds of learners, not just those which I directly teach. The GCSE programme is clearly better than last year’s and this is in no small part due to the improvements that I have made to my own practice in planning sessions, developing resources and delivering tutor training. Victoria Quigley, Sheffield


My completion of the CET has given me a great deal of opportunity to reflect on my own professional practice and the impact my teaching can have on learners. When I started the CET process I had never really spent time thinking about how I might improve my work or reflected on how I could adjust my behaviour/activity… I had spent 30 years being a “Police Officer” responding to issues and leading different teams. The CET has put some structure around what I probably did naturally in my old career but without fully understanding the wider benefits… The CET course has also allowed me to fully understand the difference between delivering a power point and delivering training… I now understand the importance of assessment and catering for the needs of all learners… I believe the course has allowed me to understand how I learn and allowed me to develop as an individual. T O’Connor, Derbyshire Constabulary.



Our course delivery team are highly experienced and well qualified. They have all held / hold senior positions in industry, business and the lifelong learning sector, ensuring delivery of high quality learning and development.

We will discuss with you what it is you are looking for and how best we can accommodate and deliver the right programme for your people. Already know what you want or not really sure – either way we can help you.