Why South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Chose Jade Solutions:

We had used another provider for a number of years and the feedback from learners had been mixed, which was why we looked elsewhere to see what other provision for this qualification was out there.

Jade Solutions offered the best fit for SYFR in terms of the product and the accessibility for our learners. It is an intense course set over four days, but building the portfolio evidence into these days definitely helps our learners to achieve the qualification in a much shorter duration and is much less daunting for them as there are less assignments to complete in their own time. Prior to selecting a provider, I sat in on half a day of a course at Markham Vale and was very impressed with the tutor and how engaged the group were with the topic. Feedback from our learners who have since done the qualification with Jade Solutions has been very positive, a couple have even asked to go on to complete the Level 4 as they enjoyed it so much.

Liz Hazlehurst,  HR Advisor - Organisational Development
Liz Hazlehurst, HR Advisor - Organisational Development

2018 Feedback from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

We asked a number of the learners who have been on the AET Level 3 course with Jade what the impact of their learning on the course had been both for themselves and their learners… below are the responses:

“The big thing I learnt was that students learn through different methods, visual audible and practical. It something I definitely try and put into courses now”

“The course was helpful and informative. Difficult to say what impact I’ve had on learners, but I feel more confident and aware of classroom management and learning styles.”

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue AET Graduates


The course is fantastic and my tutor was an inspiration – DTLLS.

The course is fantastic and my tutor was an inspiration – DTLLS.

I wanted to get into adult education and this was the best, most cost effective way to do it. The course is fantastic and my tutor was an inspiration. I have had so much support through my studies and have relished every tutor led day.
I am currently working freelance for large sports performance companies and in local schools. What I have learnt through DTLLS is knowing the importance of schemes of work, policies and procedures and impeccable lesson plans. Every company that I have worked for always comment how in depth my knowledge is about teaching and learning and how impressed they are with my standard of work.

Charlotte-Fern Foster Phillips, Derbyshire.
Charlotte-Fern Foster Phillips, Derbyshire.

The course was excellent – CTLLS & DTLLS.

I work in the support side of education, and have found that if I want to progress within my current employment that I need to have a teaching qualification. I specifically looked at this format as it was possible to get the CTLLS in a short space of time compared to other providers. Having enjoyed it and been successful I then progressed onto the DTLLS – something I would not have expected when I initially signed up.The course was excellent. The flexibility in attending delivery days, and the on-line support meant that it was easy to fit around work commitments and get the necessary support. The delivery of the course modelled good practice within teaching. I’m currently covering a management role and have looked into universities that will accredit it towards a degree programme.One of my colleagues has just completed DTLLS with you, based on my recommendation, and another did PTLLS last year.

Elizabeth Burkey, Sheffield

Easy to fit around work commitments – DTLLS

I wanted to improve my professional standing amongst my colleagues and ensure that I was to survive an upcoming restructure. I also wanted to make myself more appealing to potential future employers and felt that having a level 5 training qualification would separate me from the crowd of those who have PTLLS.
The course layout suited me down to the ground since it enabled me to complete the course in a shorter length of time than offered by most colleges but enabled me to work it around my job far easier, one whole day per month is much easier to manage than two or three hours per week. The support was brilliant with the tutor always avaialbe at the end of an email or on the VLE, the observers were also very friendly and happy to assist in any way they possibly could. Whilst undertaking the course my roles was made at risk. Fortunately I survived the restructure and gained a promotion, something I might not have managed had I not been in the process of gaining DTLLS.

Sam Lukes, Birmingham
Sam Lukes, Birmingham

I was interested in refreshing my training skills – PTLLS & DTLLS

I wanted to strategically review the training function of our business and to quality assure the delivery by our training team and associates. To enable me to do this I needed to take an informed and current look at the content of trainer education. I was also interested in refreshing my training skills at a time when I was being asked to deliver more training.
The course layout was perfect for me. Easy to allocate one day a month at ‘college’ and to then use the flexibility of my time to schedule my independent, practice and assignment writing. The support I received was appropriate to my needs and was responsive and efficient.
The training helped me to achieve my business objectives. It also improved the way I deliver training, the conversations I have with training colleagues, and the way I which I can observe and feedback to colleagues about their practice to support all our continuous improvement. It also helped us to demonstrate our qualified and experienced approach to training, and the way in which we present and ultimately sell our training services.

James Hempsall, Leicestershire
James Hempsall, Leicestershire

The ‘once a month’ approach was fabulous for me – PTLLS & DTLLS

One of the companies I do contract work for that is connected to the Police and Courts service changed the minimum requirements for trainers to include PTLLS. Having completed that it opened my eyes to just how much relevant information I was clueless about, so I felt for my own development I NEEDED to do DTLLS to give me a fuller appreciation of my teacher/training role.
The ‘once a month’ approach was fabulous for me because it didn’t disrupt my work pattern. If I had to do it in the evenings I can imagine many occasions I would have been too tired or ill or not motivated enough to go but as a whole day it was like another working day so more manageable for me.
I once quipped to Karen that she was my ‘email buddy’ because her responses to my email queries and pleas for help were so fast it literally felt that she was sitting around waiting for me to email a question! The replies were always full in response and supportive in every way. Appropriate and professional language at all times.
The same was true of the support from Mel, my trainer. Her turn around on marking assignments was excellent – couple of days at the most, and again her replies and input were always full of useful insight, structured in a way to promote deeper thinking and always in a clear professional but uncomplicated layout.
The course has helped me enormously! It has highlighted areas of my training to improve on and how to achieve it. It has meant that instead of leaving a training session feeling frustrated with the group I have tools at my disposal to change what and how I teach to meet the needs of the group and to tap into different learning styles. It has broadened my prospects work wise – in other words I am now far more employable.This has extended to being offered work for Jade Solutions in the Wales region which I am currently working on and developing as I type.
I would definitely and have already recommended the course and there is a colleague of mine (Lloyd Jones) currently doing the DTLLS course with Jade at Bournville College and I know he has recommended it to others too.Thanks again to you and your team for the experience and hope to see you again on DTLLS.

Emma Byrne, Wales – ex learner, now Jade tutor!
Emma Byrne, Wales – ex learner, now Jade tutor!


Brilliant experience on the PTLLS course

I would just like to say a big thank you to you for a brilliant experience on the PTLLS course this week. I have attended many courses over the last few years and to be honest I have found them very dictatorial and non-inclusive. The PTLLS has been a complete breath of fresh air to me in learning. The course has completely changed my way of thinking towards delivering sessions, so hopefully the sessions I deliver will enable learners to get as much reward from my courses as I have had from your!
Thanks again to you and your team for the experience and hope to see you again on DTLLS.

Carl McDonald, Health & Safety Officer, Nash Industrial Service Ltd, Derbyshire

I will definitely recommend you – PTLLS

Everything in the course was beneficial…`{`I`}` have changed the way I approach teaching. My knowledge about the differences in learners and ways to support this in my teaching increased and also about how to devise a lesson plan for effective teaching and learning. My delivery skills are more confident and relaxed. Well taught, good support for learning, friendly organisation. The course is hard-work because it is very comprehensive, which I think is important and leads to effective learning for PTLLS.

Michelle Edwards, Scotland

The course was superb! – PTLLS

PTLLS has enabled me to structure and plan my sessions, I have assessed my teaching techniques and adopted all of the course recommendations and direction. Prior to attending the course I thought I was a good teacher – with your help and guidance I have improved beyond that. Your course and the delivery of it really was first class.

Andrew Barnes, Tamworth

Jade solutions was recommended to me and I can now see why – PTLLS.

I felt that the course was a warm welcome to the world of adult learning. The variety of teaching methods and mix of learning activities really helped to cement my knowledge of tutoring. The group leader was excellent, she had time for all of us – as a group and as individuals. Above all, she was approachable and always took time to clarify topics, meanings and theories.
Jade solutions was recommended to me and I can now see why. High quality teaching that often goes beyond the basic City and Guilds requirements, but always keeping the focus on how to make us more flexible, understanding and interesting educators.
The pace of the course is fast but manageable. It is delivered in a style that engages and holds your attention. I feel that my teaching will come on leaps and bounds following my attendance on the PTLLS course. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn new things about education, or wishes to build on their existing knowledge and skills.

Gareth Hughes, Derbyshire
Gareth Hughes, Derbyshire

Angela Staphnill – PTLLS & DTLLS

WONDERFUL NEWS for one of our students, Angela Staphnill, who undertook and achieved PTLLS and DTLLS with Jade Solutions (UK) Ltd. Angela has gone on to win “The Great British Care Awards, Care Trainer, 2014″!! A huge, and well deserved, achievement for Angela, who graduated with us on 11th October 2014 – CONGRATULATIONS Angela from all at Jade!

Andy-Clark – DTLLS

Click here to read Andy Clark’s final reflective journal.  Andy started his course in June 2014 and, for various personal reasons (read his journal), was unable to complete until March 2016. Andy is more than happy to share his thoughts and feelings with you about his experience on the DTLLS course.

Shashi Patel – DTLLS

Click here to read an extract from Shashi Patel, who has completed his DTLLS programme having started his programme on 27th February 2013.  Shashi has given his kind permission for us to use this extract on our website.

Anthony Louch – CET

Click here to read an extract from Anthony Louch (Lou), who started his CET programme with us on 16th April 2014 and completed in January 2015.  Lou has given his kind permission for us to use this extract on our website.

George Moore – DTLLS

Click here to read an extract from George Moore, who undertook his programme with Shashi Patel above. George has given his kind permission for us to use this extract on our website.


CET – Certificate in Education & Training:  “If I am honest, my opinion at the beginning of the course was that I felt I couldn’t gain anything just from holding a qualification…now I see previously I had merely been coasting in the way I taught.  Thanks to the training towards this qualification I have been provided with a whole new avenue of options to explore.  This added knowledge has definitely improved my experience as a trainer and in turn has benefitted the learner because I feel more attentive / receptive towards their needs.”  Learner completed June 2017, Derbyshire

AET – Award in Education & Training:  A professional, supportive course delivered at a pace to suit all needs. A must for all trainers.  Patrick Melly, Carmarthenshire, Wales

DTLLS – (Feb 14-June 15): Every aspect of my teaching practice and many areas of my life have improved for the better. David Bertie, Somerset

DTLLS – (Oct 13-July 15): It is a really well-structured programme which encourages you to think about yourself as a person as well as developing your skills and knowledge. Gillian Bagshaw, Sheffield

DTLLS – (Feb 13-July 15): The course has significantly broadened my knowledge base and perspective. I’ve gained insight into areas of L&D that I’d never have otherwise. Leigh Rogers, Staffordshire